Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Billy O'Reilly paying a jaw dropping $32 million to settle a sex harrassment case is, well, jaw dropping. And to think Fox News gave him a new contract after it. And to think Hannity had him on his show this month. Fox News is all about family values. 
  • The Cowboys' Sean Lee is hurt again. Who would believe it?
  • This first Twin Peaks Waco Biker Trial is weird. It's not about who is a shooter, it's about who was in charge. What a stupid case to pick to start it all out with. And remember, 177 people were arrested. 
  • Trump Jr. is in Arlington today. UNT is sponsoring it. Mrs. LL and I discussed going to it simply to protest with a creative sign. 
  • When I was a kid, dad took us to Disneyland. For $20 extra, passengers got to take a helicopter to Anaheim. It probably seated 20. My mother thought it was very unstable. One week later, the helicopter crashed killing passengers. 
  • The Denton courthouse uses private security folks to screen people coming in. (But why there are five seems a little odd, however.)
  • Good lord. Is everyone corrupt?
  • There has to be a shortage of construction workers. I've mentioned before that the Love's in Bridgeport has taken forever to complete. There's a convenience store on 287 in the heart of Decatur that looks like it will never be completed. The hotel by the convention center in Decatur is moving very slowly. 
  • According to this morning's Update, a Wise County deputy was involved in a shooting in Chico.
  • It is now October 24th, and the Governor has still not appointed a new district judge for Wise and Jack Counties. Once again, there is a primary election in March. 
  • The great Dentist Dr. Dan in Bridgeport warned me years ago I had a impacted wisdom tooth problem that would cause problems. I ignored him. I shouldn't have. 
  • Former Tech coach, Mike Leach, who I love and is crazy, discusses the difference between Vikings and Pirates. 
  • Is it just me seeing this, or are there more temporary license plate paper tags lately? And wouldn't that be a great scam? You could print them out with a legitimate number of a car that matches the make and model of you car if you had access to the right database.