Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Does Fox 4's Steve Eagar have a toupee?
  • Congrats to Brock Smith for the district judge appointment.  Everyone thinks Brock and I had this huge falling out since we used to be law partners. We didn't. He walked in one day and said, "I think we should split up." I said, "OK." It was like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry's girlfriend broke up with him in the diner. We are friends. I've had to explain that to at least four people this week. 
  • Someone asked me if I would run for election for next March's Republican Primary for district judge. The answer is no. For my future, my eyes are on the beaches of Costa Rica more that the any benches in Wise County.
  • There were no protesters at Trump Jr.'s appearance yesterday. That confuses me. 
  • In the last two weeks I've seen two former district judges from Tarrant County appearing in the Wise County District Court in criminal cases. One I would trust with my life. One I wouldn't lend $10 to.
  • The greatest part of getting older is that you don't care what you say. (See above bullet point.) 
  • Speaking of, since the great Judge Fostel died, we have had some guy named Judge Weeks, a retired judge, fill in. He seems to be, I think, a good older guy, but there was a weird transformation about him. He started off being kind and then, oddly, turned into a little bit of a tyrant. Last week, I asked for a first-time continuance because of an out of town softball tournament for my daughter.  He granted it but looked at me and said, "I'll allow you to got to your softball game." You'll allow me?  Buddy, I was going regardless of what you said, and if you threw me in jail it would been the greatest day of my life. It would give rise to the most fantastic blog post of all time and the defense bar from across the state would come rushing in like it was Normandy to get me out of there within an hour. 
  • Unlike him, we now have a judge who understands the Fourth Amendment. 
  • Hot sports opinion: Winless Baylor beats Texas this weekend. #SportsGenius
  • High school football rankings. Uh, what?: 
  • I've been saying for a year that radio boy Mark Davis has lost his mind. He wrote this for the Dallas Morning News. Dude, Trump ran as a Republican and you supported him. 
  • The soon to be released JFK files interest me. 
  • How was it 103 degrees in Los Angelas yesterday?
  • Incompetence: "Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore announced Monday that prosecutors have dropped all charges against state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, ending a two-year saga in which the veteran Austin Democrat was investigated by the Texas Rangers, indicted on corruption charges, and beat the rap."