Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is not running for re-election. He was the only thing keeping the legislature from being out of control.
  • Long time JP2 employee Tammy Cowley Sosa is running for JP. 
  • “I’m a nice person. I’m very intelligent.” — Trump yesterday. I've never met anyone intelligent who told me they were intelligent. 
  • Oh, George. 
  • John Coryn endorsed crazy Roy Moore in Alabama.
  • I still find it amazing that Abilene High is in a district full of Keller High Schools. 
  • Did you know Congress late at night this week removed consumer protection against credit card companies and it took VP Mike Pence to break the tie vote? 
  • The Dodgers used 22 players in last night's lost to the Astros.
  • We had a Confederacy of Dunces gather in Texas yesterday: 
  • So the Democrats funded the researcher of the shocking "Trump Dossier"? Oh, the horror! Just wait until Mueller tells us that even part of it is true. 
  • Every now and then I'll get a call from an out of town attorney who has a Wise County criminal case and wants to know about the personality of the prosecutor. (Which is a great question if you are trying to help someone.) If I don't know the caller, I'll make it very brief. If it is a long time friend, I'll go on for 15 minutes. As I have been told, I'm an observer of the Human Condition. 
  • It bugs me that during the day, some new cars will cause one of the headlights to go off if someone hits their turn signal.