Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The "Tight Ends" restaurant is using Jim Mora's voice on The Ticket in a commercial. ("Playoffs!?") I'd bet big money they didn't pay him -- and they are obligated to.
  • My new favorite thing to watch is Big Passenger Truck vs. Big Passenger Truck in left hand lane on the highway. One is running 10 mph over the speed limit and the other is on his bumper because he wants to run 15 mph over the speed limit. So they start a road war with each other. 
  • Me to a buddy yesterday at the courthouse: "I think that Aggie/Alabama game will be interesting." Him (paraphrasing): "You're crazy." Then I found out the line was 27.
  • You've heard it before: If Sandy Hook didn't cause the change of gun laws, nothing will. 
  • Any sports radio show which commits a segment to an athlete is pure radio anthrax. 
  • I'm working on trying to get off the Internet after 7:00 every evening. 
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton is being investigated for bribery after some guy donated $100,000 to his legal defense fund and then settled a Medicare case with his office. Paxton is either a massive crook or as dumb as a box of rocks. Either way, that's not exactly what we want in an AG. Austin is a clown car.
  • I've learned some of the questions that Wise County District Judge hopefuls went through in their interviews. Example: "If a friend of yours for 30 years showed up and told you he was gay and wanted you to marry him, would you do it?" 
  • Anyone else taken aback by the Six Flags commercial for Halloween? Those are some scary images that suddenly appear. A little kid would be horrified. Heck, I'm horrified. 
  • Speaking of being horrified, this should do it, and I probably should have made it a separate post. A guy was arrested and indicted for capital murder of his daughter and stayed in jail for over a year before the prosecutors figured out the cops got it wrong. It had been set for trial, continued, then dismissed two days later. Good, lord. 
  • I don't follow baseball, but I saw that some 5'6" guy hit three home runs for the Astros yesterday. #RespectTheLittleGuy
  • A very Pro Life Republican Congressman just resigned once it was learned he urged his mistress to have an abortion. That almost sounds like a dark Onion headline, but it is true. 
  • The son of Jay Novacek is suing a fraternity for hazing. And it sounds bad. I have never understood hazing, and I think anyone who engages in it has part of his soul which is evil.