The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Lesson: If you are going to fall, at least be cool at the end of it.
 Me vs. Most People I Know
 I knew there was a reason I never had a child. 
 Someone hire this girl for her creativity.
 Trump's Presidency in a GIF.
Long live Cup Noodle. 
(And the fact he has a raised fist makes this even greater.)


Anonymous said...

Skippy, I guess an advantage of being short is being able to walk right under people.

Raised fist? He doesn't even have it above his chest? Are you having comprehension problems in your old age?

Anonymous said...

Obama phones are getting people killed up in here!!!

Anonymous said...

Cup noodle. The perfect college student food.

Df ramen

Anonymous said...

"Trump's presidency in a GIF"

Very accurate. It's the liberals playing with their hopes and dreams of another crooked democratic presidency. Trump is the cat.

Anonymous said...

In reverse order....

Nice packaging, so to speak.

A bird in the hand equals lunch.

One church camp....there was this girl on a trampoline....

Butthead...I know...obvious....but so obvious you just have to say it.

My parents performed for Siegfried and Roy, until Dad got hungry.

Stumblin' bumblin' tumblin'