Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • This will appeal to only a few of you, but Justice Ginsburg basically verbally slapped new Justice Gorsuch in oral arguments.
  • The goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge will make $251,800 once he he is confirmed to the Fifth Circuit. Oh, throw in full insurance and pension. I've said it for years: Government jobs are the best jobs.
  • The brother of the Las Vegas shooter is a nutcase.
  • "One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same."
  • This is the Tarrant County DA's misdemeanor trial board this week. Three "not guilty" verdicts in DWI cases.
  • Odd Mrs. LL statement last night which actually made sense: "The better the commercials are, the better you know the show is."
  • She was watching Survivor at the time and I casually looked up and saw a guy with a "Running Down The Dream." T-shirt. No question that episode was filmed months ago. (I'm becoming fascinated with Tom Petty lyrics, by the way.)
  • Fox News thinks he's the Messiah? What's next? Lazarus? 
  • Now this is a hot opinion: 
  • Corby Davidson of The Ticket had a great story about taking his boys to the State Fair. "You two are getting $100 each. We will stay for three hours max or until the money is gone." They didn't stay three hours. (When I was a kid, I would have put the $100 bucks in my pocket and stayed for three hours.) 
  • My mother and I actually went into the "Freak Show" at the State Fair in the 1970s. Think about that. "Freak Show." We saw the Lizard Woman. 
  • Tillerson at the press conference yesterday not directly denying that he called Trump a moron gives me great joy. 
  • Side note: Isn't it amazing that Exxon is doing fine even after Tillerson left? He made $24 million in 2015. Those top executives are worth every penny.