The Campaign For DA


Or The Biggest Moron


Anonymous said...

Did you see the guy shooting the finger at the shooter while getting around?

Either way, prediction:

There will be 2 or 3 country song hits and 1 will be titled "Brass Balls"

Anonymous said...

Here hold my beer. Or really good dope .
Dude still must be crazy

mzchief said...

Alcohol, drugs and/or just really dumb.

Anonymous said...

Benefit of the doubt #1 - He's offering to take a bullet so someone else won't have to.

Benefit of the doubt #2 - He's betting that the shooter is more interested in those trying to run away and hide.

Benefit of the doubt #3 - Uh... I'm out of theories. It's probably what mzchief said.

Anonymous said...

If the bullets are coming from above, standing up presents the smallest target. MZ isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is. And in this world, maybe we need a few people who won't pee themselves at the first sign of adversity. Hint: that rules out most women and all liberals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a veteran, faced gunfire before, and decided he would rather die standing...The effects of PTSD. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

4:37 - I've seen women do some fantastically brave things. You shouldn't rule out women so casually. Probably wouldn't hurt you to discount liberals, aka anybody whose opinion happens to differ from yours, either.

It is remarkable that after such an event, you can sadly still cling to such disdain for your fellow man.

I agreed with your previous points, and then you ruined it by proclaiming your ignorance.