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This May Be My New Favorite Sports Moment

  • Wrong basket.
  • A complete organized team effort to put it in the wrong basket.
  • A three pointer at that.
  • The PA guy just yelling out the scorer's name like nothing was wrong. 
  • The refs initially not realizing anything was amiss.
  • The refs trying to figure out "Who gets possession and where do they throw it in?" after it happens.
  • In the background, we've got the woman with a kid too big to be sitting on her.
  • (Did this all begin when the Russian girl touched the ball out of bounds but somehow the Russian team ended up throwing it in?)
Edit: Great job from the commentor. That was a back court violation (assuming that exists in international rules) and the whistle should have blown when the Russians crossed half court going the wrong way. 


Anonymous said...

This one is easy.

Back court violation on the team in red. They had possession in their offensive half of the court and crossed the half court line without losing possession, thus a back court violation.

Possession to the team in white on the side. No basket. Reset the game clock to the time of the violation and reset the shot clock.

And get those refs some better whistles.

Anonymous said...

Even more confusion resulting from the Russian team colluding with Trump and his minions.

Anonymous said...

When colluding with the Russians, do not take so many eye witnesses with you that can back up your story that you were only talking about adoptions of Russian children. If you were talking to them about hacking and rigging an election, go by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Barry is a fag. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

Turrible. Just turrible.

Df Charles Barkley

Anonymous said...

Hey Bu....

Damn skippy. 3:01 here.

LL Crank(sp) Research Staff(and sportsaholic)

Anonymous said...

Let Czar Trump figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Before saying it's your favorite, you should check out Adrian Beltre last night! Who knew you could be so good at baseball, hilariously funny, AND get thrown out of a game all at the same time???