Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is a bizarre early morning Tweet. He's now completely turned on Sessions. (And the new spokesman said this morning that Trump probably wants the AG gone):
  • There was a guy yesterday that commented that the pic of the "Turkey Vulture" was actually a common "buzzard". He cannot possibly be from Texas. 
  • Through the discovery process, I received an offense report yesterday from DPS of a different Wise County law enforcement agency entitled "Confidential Supplement Narrative Continuation". I've never seen the word "confidential" in the title of a police report before. 
  • Let's take a look at the White House interns:
  • The Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead after a warrant was issued in connection with his petty shoplifting charge. They finally take a strong stance -- against shoplifting. 
  • We have Justin Bieber news! He cancelled the remainder of his tour that I didn't even know was going on. (Something has to be seriously wrong.)
  • Did there used to be blood tests before a marriage could take place. What was the point?
  • Rick Perry was checking his phone as Trump spoke yesterday. 
  • "The Texas legislature just passed a law that would allow counties in the state to create 'diversion courts' for police officers and other first-responders who are charged with crimes but can plausibly argue that job-related mental illness contributed to their misconduct." 
  • This is odd: The local Lubbock paper has in its possession a police report where a Tech football player is alleged to have assaulted several people in a bar -- including a woman via an uppercut. But the police redacted the player's name from the report because he "hasn't been charged." 
  • I got into a Ticket fight with one of their personalities because I believe that they are promoting Dunkirk as an ad by dedicating full segments to it. They did it again at least once yesterday. And morning boys talked about it this morning. And every single time they make specific reference to Harry Styles.  
  • There's some "painted rock challenge" going on in Decatur. (And maybe other places.)
  • Uh, what?: There was a monkey attack in a Buc-ee's in Terrell?
  • Wise County is mentioned in this Star-Telegram story: