Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals deleted his Twitter account. One person pointed out that his Wikipedia page had been edited to reflect he took it down after posting a picture of "whiskey and ammo." Then someone deleted that Wikipedia edit.  I don't know what really happened but the Austin American Statesman and/or Texas Tribune needs to find out. 
  • I didn't know there was one. It's in Kentucky
  • Yesterday evening Trump banged the drums of war in an ominous statement warning Syria: 
  • Uh, isn't this the Syrian airport we "destroyed" with 59 Tomahawk missiles? 
  • After threatening Syria, Trump then woke up this morning and got mad at CNN: 
    (Would a "Fake News" organization admit it made a mistake?)
  • And then Trump went crazier by retweeting remarks (originally posted by the Fox and Friends account) from Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, and a book promotion of Eric Bolling's "The Swamp." 
  • Good grief. As soon as I wrote that bullet point he fires off more evidence of severe mental instability: 
  • The Family Pup showed tremendous mental stability and restraint yesterday: 
  • Re: That 14 year old, Kaytlin Cargill, who was found in an Arlington landfill. Is this a suicide in a dumpster that no one is willing to talk about? Remember all the schools who sent out warnings about Thirteen Reasons Why
  • How do young people afford a house these days? Heck, how does the average American afford a house these days? 
  • This is the horror version of Where the Heart Is:
  • The Supreme Court did a very odd thing yesterday on Trump's travel ban: (1) It agreed to hear the case in the Fall, (2) It allowed it to go into effect unless a refugee can show a "bona fide" relationship to a U.S. person or entity -- a seemingly easy, yet ambiguous, standard, and (3) Noted that the executive order expires in 90 days which will certainly make the case moot by the First Monday in October. 
  • Let's check in on Taxpayer Dollars At Work this morning: (EDIT: Do you guys not realize the social media employee in on the taxpayer's dime?)
  • Wow: The Supreme Court just announced it will take up the issue of sports gambling. (It literally happened a couple of minutes ago. I'll update when I have details.)