Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a robbery in Houston. What kind of gun is this?:
  • And Another (Missouri): 
  • There was a campaign this season where TCU fans could pledge $10 (or other amount) for every home run for the Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship in honor of the kid who died of cancer last year. The season is over and all pledges have been tallied. The number?: $50,000.  The amount collected?: $15,000.
  • First there was the Wiener Mobile. Now there's the Wiener Drone.
  • If you care about the press and the First Amendment, you have a new hero as a  correspondent finally stood up to the White House's "Fake News" narrative at the news briefing yesterday. (Side note: The only person who would be less equipped to hold a news conference than Sarah Huckabee Sanders is her daddy.) 
  • Trump was at it again this morning. Incredible: 

  • And in the greatest moment of irony, Trump is having to remove fake Time magazine covers from his properties since the cover never existed and he's infringing on the magazine's copyrights and trademarks. 
  • Nothing says Authentic Cowboy like a Bentley: 
  • There have been three road rage shootings this week in the metroplex. I'm telling you, people on the road are getting crazier and crazier. 
  • The Knicks have fired Phil Jackson. He will be paid for the remaining two years on his $12 million a year contract. 
  • I'm not sure I had ever heard the phrase, "constitutional conservator of the peace" until today. (See Update.)