Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In the last week I've had home grown tomatoes delivered to my office by two local attorneys. There appears to be a bumper crop in the county this year. (And that ends this Country Agricultural Minute.)
  • I ran into a former Bridgeport resident/former Texas House Rep in Brookshires in Bridgeport yesterday. (Wearing a Baylor visor, no less.) 
  • Something might be wrong with Fox 4's Steve Eagar. I might start a new game called "How long into the broadcast will it be before he stumbles over the teleprompter." (He's had to anchor the 10:00 p.m. newscast alone for about three days this week and it has not gone well.)
  • Fox Sports website has laid off a ton of sports writers this week (including the great Stewart Mandel) after announcing it will focus more on videos than the written word. That's stupid. That's Idiocracy.
  • I'm struggling in my fishing this year. What lure (including color) do you use when the water is incredibly clear?
  • The home page for each Texas appellate court is back up, but the back end database (which has the information that you go there to see in the first place) is still down. That makes three days in a row. Something is royally screwed up.
  • The NRA put out an ad which is a not-so-subtle call for an armed insurrection against the Dirty Lib.
  • "(CNN) - An Ohio city councilman has suggested a controversial solution to the growing opioid problem in his town: If an addict keeps overdosing, the city won't dispatch anyone to save their life." If you won't go out on the second or third time, why go out on the first?
  • A city in Iran, with 1.1 million people, set a world record in high temperature yesterday: 129 degrees. 
  • Loyal Christian and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump's offensive tweets yesterday by saying Trump shouldn't be considered a role model because, “When it comes to role models, as a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model." She followed that up with saying Trump "fights fire with fire." 
  • Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is still mad about not getting paid after his firing. (USA Today.) He was on The Ticket about a month ago with one of the conditions of the interview being that he got to rant that Tech, in his opinion, screwed him out of over $2 million. And, man, he went off. 
  • Speaking of, whatever happened to Craig James? He holds the distinction of getting Leach fired and losing to Ted Cruz in the same year. That's a bad year. 
  • You realize that they have no idea who the actual shooter and getaway driver were, right? 
  • I think I'm doubling down on my belief that the Bedford girl found in the Arlington landfill was a dumpster suicide. No arrests. No search warrants. No family outrage of "the police aren't doing anything!" I bet she left a note. 
  • Last night a rookie NY Yankee, Dustin Fowler, in the first inning of his first game suffered a gruesome "open ruptured patella tendon." I don't know what that is, and I'm not looking to find out.  
  • The Fort Worth PD Twitter account basically posts nothing but silliness with no real effort to seek the public's help in law enforcement. Then this morning they posted a video of a girl wearing a Peaster High School t-shirt and her friend taken from a Target security cam with the caption "she stole mascara." It even sought Peaster school's twitter account for help. It was quickly deleted and replaced with a different caption. I wonder if the girl wearing the T-shirt is not the one actually accused of theft but the original tweet, referencing Peaster, so implied. (Side note: Aren't there bigger crimes to post about?)
    The deleted tweet.
  • Replaced with this one.

  • Trump will leave for Trump National Golf Club at Bedminster, New Jersey this afternoon. That will make his 32nd day at a golf club as president.