Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This morning, the WBAP boys (Hal Jay, Brian Estridge and Steve Lamb) spent a whole segment snarkily laughing at California's public "travel ban" of Texas because of the Bathroom Bill. Uh, guys,  it's not because of the Bathroom Bill. 
  • We're full time out at Lake Bridgeport now, basically my "residence", and you sure see a lot of odd things. One of my favorites is a "Monster Boat" which appears sometimes around midnight with six to eight massive floodlights. The guys in it are bow fishing. 
  • If you want to know the answer to Trump's following question, read this Washington Post article from Friday. It's the most comprehensive article about Russian meddling to date.  (And Trump is ranting about the Russian investigation  again this morning. Every right winger wants the subject to die, but Trump just keeps it front and center.)
  • Pete Delkus was being mean to a Twitter follower, and someone came to intervene. Here's what happened: 
    This is how it started
    Michael to the rescue. (Delkus then blocked him.)
  • I saw the first episode of The Keepers. I'm hooked. A very Making of a Murderer feel to it. 
  • What's going on with that 14 year old Bedford girl found dead in an Arlington landfill? The Chief of Police said on Friday: "“Our information ... does not indicate a further risk to our community.” Huh? This may not have been an abduction at all. 
  • Trump appeared on Fox and Friends. Here are the questions. This is almost like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney.
  • I don't know why I follow WFAA's Todd Unger on Twitter, but it didn't take long to realize he's a little Rush Limbaugh. Man, he has some hot conservative opinions. 
  • Another lake observation from Saturday: Two guys in a $40,000 bass boat (250 horsepower) showed up on the shore right below me (fishing in the rain during a tournament), and then one of them caught one of the biggest basses I've seen. He then measured it and threw it back. 
  • The Koch Brothers held a three day conservative summit retreat at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado over the weekend: Those in attendance included: Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn. Do their campaign funds pay for that trip? Any taxpayer dollars?
  • How the press just accepts cameras being banned from the White House daily briefings is amazing. 
  • Oh, my: 
  • A World War II vet who survived Pearl Harbor had his ashes returned to the U.S.S. Arizona. If you want to see a moving video, watch his family members hand those ashes to a diver above the sunken ship.
  • The Houston Police Department now has a "Rainbow Cruiser". 
  • There's a death notice in the Update of a young man who has the same name as a guy who spent 70 months in federal prison for buying too much pseudoephedrine at CVS. What a screwed up War on Drugs we have. (And, yes, I know the purpose of the law.)