Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking: Within the hour, Trump once again showed he is mentally unstable by insulting the married co-hosts of a daytime morning talk show.  Yes, this comes from the President of the United States of America. This is not normal. This is stuff that a mean, spoiled 14 year old with no filter would say: 

  • If you want to know what "He just set the Internet on fire" means, go to any social media site right now.  (And it's good to see Melania's anti cyber-bullying initiative is going very well.)
  • Edit: Even Fox News called the comments "shocking":
  • Every website of every Texas appellate court has been down for over 24 hours. The official word is a "power outage." It should be noted there was an epidemic of world wide hacking incidents this week via ransomware. Hmmmm. 
  • A young couple decides to shoot a youtube video in hopes of it going viral. The plan: Have her fire a gun at him while he is holding a heavy book which will stop the bullet. The result: The bullet goes through the book and he dies. The gal, 19 and pregnant, tweeted this before the incident: 
  • This was floating around yesterday: Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and Sen. Ted Cruz finally posed for a picture together. That's freaky. 
  • Stay with me here. I guy in Texas gets thrown in the Brownsville PD jail. A detention officer then says he was assaulted in the jail by the guy. Guy gets charged with Assault on a Public Servant.  Guy says he didn't do it but agrees to plead guilty to get probation. The guy then screws up the probation by not going to drug rehab and is sentenced to prison. Four years into his sentence it is discovered that the "incident" was videotaped by police, the video was not turned over when the case was pending, and the video shows the guy did not commit any assault. The police had lied and suppressed evidence.  He is released. He then actually gets Texas' highest criminal court to declare him "actually innocent" -- something which is next to impossible to do. He then files a civil rights lawsuit against Brownsville and wins $2.3 million. This week, the ridiculous Fifth Circuit overturned the verdict. Why? Since the guy originally pled guilty that kills his claim. If you are confused, welcome to the club. 
  •  Who was the judge who authored the opinion? The guy below who is semi-retired. Before being appointed as judge, he was in private practice for almost thirty years working on "estates, trusts, and taxation." Yes, this is the guy who can make decisions that concern the complicated and often corrupt world that is the criminal justice system.
  • Newspaper lede: "Waller County district Judge Albert McCraig on Wednesday dismissed a perjury charge filed against Trooper Brian Encinia in connection with the death of Sandra Bland." Actually, the prosecutor asked the charges be dismissed. I don't know why. 
  • Yesterday it was announced that there were no drugs or alcohol at the party or in the system of Jordan Edwards -- the teenager who was murdered by a Balch Springs officer as the kid was a passenger in a car that was driving away. Question: What difference does it make? 
  • Shoutout to the WBAP crew for having the Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy on this morning and then, once he was off the phone, joking that the paper only had one reader. Specifically, it was Brian Estridge.
  • And Another (Michigan). It might just be a court update. 
  • This is amazing. The White House gives a daily list of the news they think you should read. Thank you, comrade.
  • I haven't read the story, but what must your musical accomplishments be in order to officially be referred to as a "rapper"?: