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The GOP Head In Austin Will Certainly Bring Some Civility To This Race

Well, maybe not.

Political Genius Side Note: I'm not exactly sure that Trump needs to be wasting time in Texas right now.

Edit (the next day):


Anonymous said...

Dear Political Genius: Trump isn't coming to Texas to get votes, he's coming to raise money. You know, that thing he said he wasn't going to have to do.

Anonymous said...

and this is probably the easiest state for him to get easy money from rich republicans...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:30 doesn't understand politics. You don't have a huge rally to raise money. Big $$$ is raised at private events.

Trump is having rallies in Mississippi and Texas because he isn't interested in converting open-minded voters. He is setting the stage for an alt-right media empire after the election. It is purely a profit grab.

Anonymous said...

Interesting articles coming out now abut how Trump is making money from the RNC by renting his buildings and golf courses to them. He is charging the RNC 3 times more for the the campaign to rent Trump Towers than what he charged his own campaign before he became the official nominee. Funny!

Anonymous said...

If any of you know it all's are correct, why the hell wouldn't you elect him as President?
He would be the first for profit President we've had in decades.

The current loser has been liken to Ed McMahon (treating American taxpayer money like publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes).
In other words - typical Democratic Politics