The Campaign For DA


It's Friday and Football Season. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Still one of the craziest post game moments ever.
Future Mrs. Green?
Pull nacho boy's man card. (I bet the guy on far left is funny.)
"I thought we were friends"
Charlie, did you know you are on the hot seat?
"Dear Lord, reveal to me what an Aggie is."
Hot chick + Hot chick = Transform into Baptist dance move.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Blount knew the secret Duck Punch.

DF Oregon Ducks & DF Washington Mallards

Anonymous said...

If you think those are two hot chicks, I can understand how the bug eyed bitch is gonna be the next Mrs. Skippy...

Anonymous said...

Baylor caption: He said we're going to the Number 6 dance.