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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, they finally found the body of the SMU officer who was swept away into Turtle Creek. (Before you jump on me, find once when I wrote that they wouldn't find him. People believe what they want to believe.)
  • While talking to a prosecutor yesterday, I opined that The Poor should be given a greater threshold/leeway to screw up before the criminal justice system crushes them. He, perhaps mockingly, referred to it as my "Ladies' Tee Theory."
  • Shout out to the Wise County JP who dropped by a copy of Skip Hollandsworth's The Midnight Assassin
  • An internal email from a suspended fraternity at TCU says, "We had a Gulf Shores spring break video produced by members of PC15 that went public on the internet and was posted on TCU fb wall that showed our members and other students raging like no tomorrow."  The phrase "like no tomorrow" is a good one. By the way, anyone have a link to that video?
  • That Burning Man event is about to fire up in the dusty Nevada desert. When I retire and go full hippy mode, I think I'll go to that. (I hope they accept me if I pull up in a Zephyr motor home.)
  • I made a reference to Lone Star Law two days ago and The Ticket had a game warden on this morning from the show.
  • It really is amazing that Trump is going to be crushed when Fox News gives him free advertising 24/7.  The "town hall" meeting with Hannity last night was comical.
  • The Surgeon General is sending this letter to every doctor warning of the "opioid epidemic." If a doctor needed a letter to inform him of this, he probably doesn't need to be a doctor.  
  • Courthouse trivia the other day: What was the name of Jan Brady's fake boyfriend?
  • The guy asked yesterday why there aren't "speeding cams" like "red light cams". He must not have been a faithful reader during 2007 when I launched a campaign against Rhome who was using them. (The term "Nazi Cam" was born.) The State outlawed them shortly thereafter. Fighting for the common man can get tiring, but I persevere.
  • I'll admit it, the Dancing Pokemons are funny. Couple of versions by creative folks here.
  • I'm working on a Hot Sports Opinion regarding the very rare contract stalemate between the Chargers and third overall rookie pick Joey Bosa. And Bosa may be my new hero.
  • The "toy protest" against open carry at UT was pretty genius. How crazy is it that we all freak out to the nth degree over the "device" being seen in public but we are absolutely fine with a guy carrying a load AR-15 into the Waffle Hut?