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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • At least sixty-three dead in an earthquake near Rome, Italy this morning. My vision of Italy makes me think that place isn't exactly earthquake-proof. I guess I'm right.
  • Kids are heading back to school in new middle and high schools in West, Texas. I don't think I ever mentioned what a ruse it was for the ATF to announce the explosion was due to arson but they didn't know who did it. Say what? They did, however, stress how extensive their investigation was (400 interviews!) and how much work they put into it. That is nothing more than job justification. With no "suspect", no one will ever question the arson conclusion and the ATF boys can go around touting about how they were so good they could even determine it was arson from the rubble.
  • Trump is backtracking like no one's business on his deport-them-all stance.  But I doubt it will help him or hurt him.
  • I think the only Texas politicians willing to appear with Trump yesterday were Rick Perry and Dan Patrick. Hey, "speaks volumes" guy: That speaks volumes.
  • The great this morning puts Hillary's chances of winning at 85.4%.
  • Today: "UT sex-toy protest against campus carry could be largest anti-gun rally in Texas history."  Ok, this will be interesting. I'm just waiting for some one to point out that the, uh, devices aren't even made in America. They were made in Singapore. 
  • "Texas police say it was a late-night realtor rendezvous which landed a real estate agent behind bars." I think I feel sorry for these two (and it was perfect time for the cops to simply say, "Get outta here.") Plus, how can you not support a guy in a vintage 1970s Boston concert shirt? 
  • And if you ever need proof that book-in photos don't do you justice, look what I found in a another story about the couple. Hey, now:
  • Hey Dennis Prager fan: I blew by his program the other day and guess who he was promoting for a new video on his very questionable Prager University: Yakov Smirnoff. Let the modern day relevance sink in. 
  • The Affluenza Teen's Mom is now working as a bartender at Honky Tonk Woman in Azle. 
  • Great Britain thought it would be a good idea to have matching luggage for their Olympic squads. (Mrs. LL makes sure we have a four inch strip of crazily designed duct tape somewhere on our luggage so we can always spot it.)
  • "Bridgeport City Council voted Monday to decrease the speed limit from 30 to 25 mph along Halsell."  Halsell is the town's equivalent of Main Street. At least I won't have to read offense reports that justify a late night stop for a "wide right turn". Now it will be speeding.