The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I came across Lone Star Law on the Animal Planet Channel. It was basically Texas Game Wardens acting like Seal Team Six when they arrest someone for shooting from the road.
  • Any show produced for Animal Planet, National Geographic, Travel Channel etc. seems like 55% content and 45% commercials. 
  • "The 17-1 Boyd Lady Yellowjackets entered the TGCA’s 3A volleyball poll at No. 8." Wait a second. School started today in Boyd but they've already had 18 matches?
  • Great line from the documentary Dark Web on the War on Drugs: "It's like the cat and mouse game. The mice will eventually win but the cat will be well fed along the way."
  • The Waco DA's office takes another hit. The office was responsible for the prosecution of four men for rape and murder -- men who a judge has declared  "actually innocent" of crimes that cost them all twenty years of their lives. Current McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna opposed the men's quest for exoneration.
  • Texas, as it must, has always said that it doesn't have "Debtor's Prisons". Nothing has confused me more because people "sit out" their fines every day in county jails in Texas because they can't pay them. This is 100% unconstitutional. However, nothing is ever done about it because a few days in jail resolves "the problem" and those people don't have the money (obviously) to fight it. Every now and then a lawsuit occurs
  • Along those same lines, the Justice Department is now targeting the crazy concept of "if you are too poor to afford bail, tough luck."
  • I woke up this morning bright and early and turned on The Ticket. They were talking about how "weird" it is that the body of the SMU police officer has never been found after he reportedly swept into Turtle Creek. 
  • I can truly say that I cannot conceivable care less: 
  • Eight TWU volleyballers have been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. I've got my Pulitzer Radar out again: Something is fishy. 
  • Dez Bryant suffered a concussion?
  • I will always be fascinated by Todd Marinovich, 47, who was once the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 and who was found yesterday naked and allegedly in possession of meth.
  • Raising money or not, Trump hanging out in Texas within weeks before the election is plain dumb. (Unless his goal is now not to win but to make money off the campaign -- which might very well now be true.)