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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Ted Cruz was called an "anchor baby born in Canada" by Donald Trump. That's a goofy line but kind of funny. 
  • I've been interested in the "legal" gambling of Draft Kings and Fan Duel and how states have tried to shut them down. But the fatal blow may just have happened: The leading payment processor for them said they will walk away. 
  • Two Plano East girls commit a double suicide?
  • New theory out there: O.J. Simpson's problems were caused by brain injuries from football. You know, I won't outright dismiss that all. Lack of judgment and impulse control are factors.
  • I'll say it again: If you have license plates from the southern states driving southbound on 287, either the DPS or Sheriff's Office will look for a way to stop you. And if they do and tell you that you are coming from Colorado, get ready to be detained -- most of the time illegally based upon a strong Supreme Court case from last year.
  • There is a new trick that law enforcement is using. If they suspect drugs during a traffic stop where the passengers are traveling, they ask them to identify their luggage and put it beside them and then ask consent to search the luggage. That way there won't be an issue as to whose luggage belonged to whom. (Not a bad trick, by the way.) Here's a trick if you get stopped: Shut up. There is no deaf, dumb and blind man in prison.
  • Along those lines, I was reviewing a video of a marijuana traffic stop this weekend and heard an officer say this to a person who was being detained: “Marijuana is still illegal in Texas and we don’t recognize any kind of cars or nothing like that.” Riiiiiiggghhhhtttt.
  • Our goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court justice outdid himself on Friday. He decided to offer a concurring opinion in a rather complicated procedural issue regarding the "Texas Cheerleaders Religious Football Banner" case. The concurrence was not necessary, he sent a strong message on how he would rule in favor of the cheerleaders (inappropriate since the issue was not before the court), and started out with a reference to The Lion King
  • I went and dropped off a flower at my mother's grave yesterday since it was her birthday. It was hard but went much better than I thought it would. From there, Mrs. LL and I walked around Bridgeport Cemetery, and I begin to say time and time again, "This man worked as a . . . " "This lady was . . ." "This man lived on . . . " I went on and on as I recognized names. She finally said (in a very loving way), "This is not possible unless you grew up in a small town."
  • For some reason I stumbled upon Charlie Sheen in the old movie The Chase this weekend. That movie was way before its time and almost a bit of Idiocracy. Cops over the top. The media over the top. Politicians over the top. (And with a very hot Kristy Swanson in the film as well.)
  • Yes, I know Baylor was the focus of ESPN's Outside The Lines yesterday.
  • I have to stop watching "pastor" Keith Craft. I don't know what gets me more worked up: His horrible preaching, his ramped up style, his begging for money, or the empty seats in the congregation.