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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, I don't know what the heck is going on in that photo either. That's either the girl's boyfriend or one of the greatest photobombs in the history of ever.
  • It's National Signing Day which causes me to think: Whatever happen to Max Emfinger who used to be all over the radio on days like this. I looked him up and he's still going but he doesn't appear to be welcome on Dallas radio.
  • And those Letters of Intent are still faxed to the schools (or at least that is what everyone is saying this morning.) I'm guessing most 18 year olds don't know what a fax machine is.
  • There have been a series of robberies in North Dallas of the cash registers of hotels. How much money could possibly be in them? (It's possible the cops got the guys last night after another robbery.)
  • It might end up Rubio vs. Clinton and that would be the Republican's best chance. And Rubio might win. And Fox News is now in love with him. (After dogging him for years on his immigration policy.)
  • I've dogged troopers to no end over the last few months, but I watched a video yesterday of one dealing with a Hispanic and three kids and a wife on Old Base Road and he might have been as professional and courteous as anything I've ever seen. See what that does? If there were to be a trial, a jury would despise me for attacking anything about the guy's conduct even if he made mistakes.
  • Someone mentioned the movie The Ladykillers the other day which starred Tom Hanks in a crazy role with a crazy accent. How that movie is not a cult classic is beyond me because it is beyond funny. (You don't bring your girl to the Waffle Hut.)
  • All young men are still required to register for the military draft (this came up the other day.) Do any of them do it? I've written this before: I went down to the Bridgeport Post Office and registered post Vietnam once I turned 18 and handed my card to the postmaster and asked him, "Is that all there is?" His reply was, "You better hope so."
  • The Fort Worth Law Hawk, who I've dogged before for his crazy ads, might be a marketing genius. Taco Bell is incorporating him into a Super Bowl ad. Then again, it's not like he's running a blog with a bikini girl every morning.
  • I recorded the first episode of the O.J. Simpson "documentary" last night. But I'm not sure I can make it through 10 episodes! There is too much good TV, and I hardly get to watch any of it. How do people watch all of this and work and hang out with the family and keep up with news and get exercise and do yard work and commute?
  • And I'm not sure I knew about this: A Howard Stern disciple's crank call to ABC's Peter Jenning's in the middle of the most tense part of the O.J. standoff and Al Michaels getting on the line to tell him he just got scammed.
  • Yahoo will cut 1,700 jobs. There may never be a more missed opportunity in the history of American business than Yahoo standing idly by as Google took over the Internet in the early days. 
  • A brilliant LSU kid on the college edition of Jeopardy yesterday didn't know that this year's Heisman Trophy winner was from the University of Alabama.