The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Longhorns had a heck of a recruiting class but it may be too little too late. If they have a bad year again next year, Charlie Strong will probably be gone. Probably not fair but that is reality.
  • One of the best lines I ever heard from a guy was: "My dad would mow the lawn in black socks and looked ridiculous. Then it dawned on me that it wasn't that he didn't know about fashion -- It was that he was old enough not to care anymore."
  • We still have the 22 pound cat in the house. I think I've entered that phase of my life where I just don't care anymore and just have fun. The Kids love him. Mrs. LL loves him. The Dogs don't know what to think about him. I've got to tell you, it's a pretty good feeling.
  • BagOfNothing sent my a birthday gift: An American flag lapel pin. Genius comedy.
  • Cruz about Trump: "He's losing it!"
  • The Republican presidential race is like watching an episode of The Bachlerotte. A bunch of guys acting nuts as the go after the Prize.
  • Ever since it was pointed out that Bernie Sanders sounds like Larry David I no longer can focus on what he is saying.
  • Megyn Kelly's new hair style is smokin' hot. Mrs. LL strongly disagrees. 
  • The boys from The Ticket are in San Francisco for the Super Bowl and most of them have taken a trip to Alcatraz. It sounds beyond fascinating.
  • I'm the last thing from being a "people person" but if I ever see anyone on the first floor of the courthouse absolutely confused as to where they should go, I cannot stop myself from asking if I can help. Hey, I'm no saint but there is something about understanding the potential intimidation of the courthouse that causes me to help. And they are always so thankful.
  • I watched the first episode of the O.J. Simpson mini-series last night. Verdict: Pretty, pretty, pretty good. 
  • Want to feel old? Janet Jackson's Control album came out 30 years ago today. I actually saw her with a girlfriend at Reunion Arena after buying scalper tickets in downtown Dallas as we were stuck in traffic. (They were awful seats.)
  • There seems to be a wreck every day on I-35 right before 820. I drive that road a lot because of driver's license hearings. I can tell you why there are wrecks: It is under construction and the lane markings which have been moved, removed, badly painted over, and faded make it almost impossible to tell if you are in a lane or not. 
  • Republican candidates withdrawing from the presidential race because they can't get 1% of the vote in conservative Iowa and then "endorsing" another candidate (See Rick Santorum quitting and endorsing Rubio yesterday) makes me think that the Republicans have no idea how politics works. Boys, you need to get your act together. The old days are gone. It's a new political world. Get ready.
  • Beginning sentence from a new article in Men's Journal: "Sentenced to life for a murder he did not commit, Chris Scott lost everything: the love of his life, his two young sons, a promising future. Exonerated in 2009, he and two other ex-cons are back on the street, fighting to win freedom for more victims of the bare-knuckled Texas justice system."