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A Potential Scumbag May Be My New Hero

Congressional hearings are for one purpose: They are for politicians to try and create sound bites that make the news. That's the only reason. It is not a court. There will be no verdict. There will be no end result. It's all about politics and nothing else.

And this guy and his lawyer (who is also great) understood this. He has no obligation to answer to them. They answer to the citizens. Somewhere along the way that concept got lost.

(Just to be clear: This post is not about what the guy did to get him "summoned" before Congress. He may be a miserable, fraudulent and awful guy. I have no idea. This post is about how he handled a Congressional panel full of people who may, while not miserable or awful, are most likely fraudulent.)

Oh, and then he fired off this afterwards:

Full throttle.