Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The final Texas numbers are in:
  • A former Parker County district judge now advertises a criminal conviction expunction practice on Fox News. (During the block for local commercials.) Edit: He didn't use the word 'conviction" - not that it matters. Expunctions in Texas are basically impossible after any judicial resolution other than a dismissal or acquittal. 
  • I keep hearing from various commentators that Scalia wrote the flag burning Supreme Court opinion. (i.e. Bill O'Reilly last night.) No he didn't.
  • I told Mrs. LL that my cotton dress shirts shrink around the neck as they get older. I'm pretty sure her skepticism was the equivalent, "Are you sure you're not just getting fat?"
  • I'm still trying to verify it, but there might have been a police department in Wise County who forgot about two guys in a holding cell overnight when they should have been taken to the Wise County Jail. And I mean completely forgot about.
  • That three person meal between Romney, Trump and Priebus cost over $700. That before taxes and tip.
  • This Carrier deal is the biggest con. And I fear were in for a ton of them. And when Trump talked about Carrier on the campaign trail, he didn't talk about beating them down with tax breaks to make them stay, he said they needed to suffer "consequences" and "retribution" if they left.
  • Steve Eagar last night about a random story: "He has a rap sheet out of Collin County including theft." First, no one calls it a "rap sheet" anymore. Secondly, if the worst thing on your "rap sheet" is theft, it could hardly be called a "rap sheet." 
  • There was some weird small planes flying around 407 and 287 yesterday in Wise County. It was like they were playing with each other. I saw four of them at one time really close to the ground. 
  • It's almost hard to remember that the Cowboys play tonight. And the most amazing thing we'll see is the Viking's Terence Newman on the field. He was drafted by the Cowboys in 2003.
  • Texas has enacted by rule, not by legislation, that fetal remains after an abortion must be buried or cremated. I thought those boys in Austin said they were only concerned about women's health with past abortion rules and regulations?
  • Odd point about gold theft in New York. In one of the surveillance camera's footage the faces of other people were digitized out. In the other, they were not.  (There wasn't any reason to alter the faces of other people. They were walking on a public street.)