Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A man was found dead in a Dallas hotel room and police are looking for four suspects (pictured below.) I'm guessing something very seedy went very wrong.
  • I'm really beginning to like Megyn Kelly who may be the last sane person left at Fox News. She talked last night how she was a high tone lawyer in Chicago (at Jones, Day then Bickel and Brewer -- two big firms). But all she did was work, hated her job, and basically decided to go into journalism while driving into work one day. 
  • Fox 4 had an incredibly interesting guy on last night who is part of the Texas Electoral College -- he was there to talk about another delegate who had resigned rather than vote for Trump. His position: Although he would vote for Trump, he was under no obligation to do so. And the other guy should have stayed and cast his vote for Hillary. 
  • A seventeen year old from Jacksboro has died. Anyone know why/how?
  • I've seen that truck commercial where the strength of the bed is demonstrated by dropping a heavy toolbox into two trucks for comparison. One cracked the steel and the other and one didn't. I don't know anything about physics or engineering, but that doesn't seem to be the most scientific test in the world.
  • I don't reference Idiocracy because it was a good movie. I reference it because it was so prophetic.
  • Speaking of, Trump went on another child-like Twitter rant last night this time with CNN in his cross hairs. (A reporter had said Trump's claim that he won the popular vote if "you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally" was baseless and not supported by evidence.) 

  • And that first one was the President-Elect quoting/retweeting a sixteen year old boy. (And I've got a separate post going up in a second on the absolutely crazy thing he said this morning.)
  • I've never seen so many lawyers not know what they are doing. It's a growing problem. I wonder if the same is true for other fields (i.e. doctors, accountants, etc.)
  • Greg Abbott is already trying to work the Ohio State stabbings into publicity by bringing up "sanctuary cities" -- He's on Fox and Friends this morning.
  • He might want to worry about Texas Grandmother Crime. One grandmother shot another grandmother over a grandchild in a Dallas Walmart parking lot.