Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hot opinion I've heard more than once: The iPhone reads your text messages and feeds them into apps and browsers behind the scenes to have ads target you even when you get on the computer. That's much different than Googling something and then seeing targeted ads.
  • There is something really fishy about the "kidnapped mom" who was found on Thanksgiving. The husband raised $50,000 on a gofundme page while she was missing. And even news stories refer to her as "allegedly" being kidnapped.
  • Newt Gingrich now turning on Trump for considering Mitt Romney, among other things, is delicious. And Mitt lost his mind last night by doing a complete 180 on Trump after meeting with him.
    "I'm not dining with the Devil. Promise."
  • When you are referring to government (not letters), do you know what the difference is between Capitol and Capital ? (Answer: One is a building of government. One is the center of government.)
  • Trump's has selected a former Goldman Sachs banker to lead the Treasury Department.  Good lord. There are some people who are filthy rich right now who are about to get so rich it will need to be rated NC-17 because it will be so obscene.
  • DFW Talk Radio: (1) Mark Davis said yesterday we need to stop even legal immigration for a while because of guys with Visas were taking our jobs. Oddly, he said, "And employers fire you and give you 30 days notice to train them!" That sounded like something  personal had happened to someone he knows. (2) The WBAP boys talking politics every morning at 7:50 is cringe-worthy when Hal Jay asks a guest a question, (3) I'll give credit to the Ticket: Almost everyone of their on-air personalities has no fear of speaking honestly about Trump come what may, (4) Dennis Prager, who is the absolute definition of pseudo-intellectual, said on Monday that those in schools of "higher learning" have not been taught about Vladimir Lenin because colleges are so liberal and want to hide the truth from its students. Amazing. (5) Let me save you some time: Never listen to Chris Krok. By far, the dumbest man in DFW talk radio.
  • If you don't understand why flag burning is not a crime under the U.S. Constitution, I'm not mad at you. I simply understand that you've never sat down to try and understand the issue. (And the right wing's most conservative Supreme Court Justice ever, Scalia, was in the majority of that famous decision which explained it to us all.)  
  • It's kind of like when people come up to me and say, "How can you defend those people?" I don't get mad. I just cannot possibly understand how someone hasn't taken the time to understand the purpose of the criminal defense lawyer in our system. (And, by the way, "those" people are normally your friends and neighbors.)
  • This Trump "cutting a deal" to keep Carrier in Indiana news is nothing but a con. (And even if true -- details are murky -- Trump and Indiana giving a tax break to Carrier to save some jobs sounds very much like a Obama's government bailout of GM which he took so much heat for.)
  • The Giraffe vs. Lion video was fantastic.
  • That's Dollywood in the foreground below: