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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Come on! Give the Random Thought Girls a break! It's post-Thanksgiving!
  • "Trooper hit by stray bullet from Mexico after gun battle on the other side of the Rio Grande." I presume this is 100% accurate. But ... but ... the Director of DPS is notorious for misleading the legislature as he now asks for $1 billion using "border security" as the justification. But knowing that he is a PR genius (make no mistake about it, he plays the legislature like a fiddle), if one of his troopers just happened to have a gun accident, I bet he would play it this way. 
  • If you don't live your life being skeptical of any piece of "news" you hear these days, you are asking to be conned. And the fact this DPS news was released over the weekend when the media is poorly staffed for the holidays so no legitimate fact checking could occur is what made me cock an eyebrow. Once again, probably a true story but nothing can be taken at face value.
  • The Tweet below comes from a Baylor coach's wife who just happens to be Art Briles' daughter. Man, it feels like that assistant coaching staff is throwing games down there.  And a sports writer at the Waco Tribune Herald absolutely torched that staff unlike anything I've ever seen.
  • Speaking of journalism, let me give a shout out to the Wise County Messenger. It seems to have changed dramatically over the last couple of months. Example: They had two young columnists, male and female, require the other one to watch a movie of their choosing and then write side by side reviews. Funny bit. And one young reporter was given the liberty and the space to write about her disappointment with Trump's election in a county that is 86% Trump loving. (Still trying to wrap my brain around that.)  Keep it up. But bring back Richard Greene's scatter-shooting sports column and lose the space dedicated to what guys talk about in the coffee shop, agriculture columns, and parenting columns -- none of which would dare offend anyone and are read less often than this sentence. (I know a newspaper owner who might have just blown a gasket right now but will quickly calm down and spend the rest of the day wondering if I'm right.)
  • The young reporters just thought: "What's 'blown a gasket' mean?"
  • Mrs LL and I re-watched American Pie the other night which just keeps geting  better with time. In the middle of it I just abruptly said, "Mena Servina is in my top five of hottest women of all time." She turned to me with "that look" which, as time goes by, I tend to get several times a week. I was smart enough to quickly say, "She's somewhere in there behind you."
  • Speaking of movies, Trainwreck is one of the most, if not the most, shockingly funny films I've ever seen.
  • In case you missed it: Trump had an absolute meltdown on Twitter over the recount in three states when he has absolutely nothing to worry about. Anyone scared that he might be mentally unstable?
  • And I love his old stuff: 
  • I put up Christmas lights this weekend, and I went into full Clark Griswold mode.  The clerk at the local hardware store finally started saying, "You're back!" as I kept adding more lights. And she added, "Don't fall off the ladder!" Darlin', you have no idea. 
  • There's is something very weird going on with the head of elections in Denton leaving abruptly (former Wise County guy) and the Tarrant County elections guy doing the same to go to Denton.
  • What's up with the one fingernail being painted a different color? 
  • College football: (1) Michigan vs. Ohio State was one for the ages. That third down crazy run in double overtime almost had me screaming. And I still don't know if that was a first down or not on the next play. (2) LSU's new coach may be my favorite coach in the history of ever simply because he is authentic, a good human being,  and has a great Cajun accent, (3) UT might want to rethink that Tom Herman hire -- in the words of former Ticket host The Hammer, "What has he ever done?!" Two seasons at Houston -- a program built by Briles and Sumlin.  (4) The fact Baylor hasn't found anyone to take the job -- it has to have been offered to someone -- means big, big trouble. I'd still hire Charlie Strong, (5) UT's new coach has two sons name "TD" and "Maverick". If you're not first, you're last. 
  • I can't find the link, but Fox 4 reported that a guy was shot in a strip club parking lot in Dallas on Thanksgiving night. Me to Mrs. LL: "If you are at strip club on Thanksgiving night and get shot, your life has gone horribly wrong." Mrs. LL's reply: "If you are working as a stripper on Thanksgiving night, so has her's." 
  • I seriously don't know if ALL CAPS guy is a moron or some brilliant guy doing a bit. 
  • Look at this forecast and tell me it's not Idiocracy. Delkus predicts rainfall up to one hundredth of an inch.
  • I was watching Fox News yesterday and some drug ad came on for a skin disorder. I wasn't paying attention until I heard "eight out of ten patients have reported a 75% success rate." Huh? Someone do the math for me. (Talk about saying something that is technically true but misleading.)