Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What happened to that 90+ year old woman who was walking from the metroplex to D.C.? 
  • From the official Trump site -- buy early for Christmas:
  • I wonder what a guy from Fort Worth is thinking after being on a South Dakota Indian reservation, gets in a wreck, gets arrested for driving recklessly (no reference to drugs or alcohol), the prosecutor is with the U.S. Attorney's office, and your trial is in federal court. And then you are acquitted.  (Side note: The Feds are prosecuting car wrecks now when they get the chance?)
  • How come you are "on" a reservation instead of "in" a reservation?
  • I want Rick Perry's jacket from Dancing With The Stars . . .
  • He was a painfully awkward dancer and was awkward in the post-dance interview, but I'll give the guy credit. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. 
  • RG3 is probably done. His career and that of Vince Young are very similar. 
  • Sideline anthem protests: I still don't particularly care.
  • Legal thought: A lot of people correctly say that the protests of certain NFL players during the national anthem is not a Freedom of Speech issue. Technically correct. The government is not involved in retaliation which would trigger the First Amendment. However private, personal speech is the way any First Amendment case gets started. Without personal speech, there is nothing for which the government to react to.
  • Raiders of Lost Ark scene recreated in Jerry World?:
  • The Austin American Statesman did a piece on whether DPS engages in racial profiling and which has prompted one Texas legislator to ask for a hearing on the issue.
  • A promoted ad on my Twitter feed this morning which makes me wonder what they think of me . . . 
  • "COMMISSIONERS APPROVE BUDGET, TAX RATE – Wise County commissioners Monday approved a $62.9 million budget for fiscal year 2017." Just for fun and nonsense, what was the budget seven years ago? We can then say, "During the Obama Administration, Wise County's budget increased from $___ million to $62.9 million in 2017."