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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Is Trump's plan to have the federal government impose paid maternal leave on private employers a conservative idea?
  • The Ellis County judge used a little known legal provision to get herself a $74,000 a year raise. Does Wise County have a nine person Salary Grievance Committee which apparently has a ton of power? Something in the back of my mind says yes. 
  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach had a great rant yesterday -- it wasn't as great as his "fat little girlfriends" rant but still pretty good. 
  • Following WFAA's Valerie Wigglesworth's real time coverage of the Arochi kidnapping trial on Twitter is mesmerizing. (But I don't see the business side angle of WFAA telling her to do that.)
  • Speaking of that trial, the prosecutors better be holding back because at this point they've got nothing.  (And the boyfriend of the missing girl seemed a little too eager to embrace the assertion he didn't have anything to do with the case because he was "out selling drugs" that night. Hey, he might be a convicted drug dealer -- selling it to friends and friends of friends who wanted it -- but no drug dealer like him would ever say he spent his entire night "out selling drugs" unless it benefited him.)
  • I can't remember the last time I saw a weather balloon.
  • Train ruins marathon.
  • Trump was to go on Dr. Oz and discuss his health but now Trump says he'll just discuss health in general. (Admission: I've never seen a second of Dr. Oz's show.)
  • So the murder of the University Park fire captain was allegedly the result of his wife, who he was going through a divorce with, who baited him out to a remote area where the boyfriend could kill him? You're going through a divorce. Why kill him? 
  • Anyone seen Sarah Palin? 
  • Why don't all sports clocks have a one place digital digit for tenths of seconds? Basketball shot clock? Football play clock?
  • I'm guessing I'd love The Circus on Showtime about the current election but no one has mentioned it to me.