Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The polls are getting closer -- what an insane presidential race. But even in states where it is 50/50 shouldn't it be referred to as a "dead heat" instead of "too close to call". 
  • Can you imagine on election night the network of your choosing hitting the breaking news sounder and saying, "We now project that Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States." Love him or hate him, in your wildest dreams did you ever think it would come to this?
  • Heard a lady up at the courthouse asking if the cops can search her trash if it is on her lawn for pickup.  I actually got interested because she had seized on the key issue: It's not that the items of concern were in the trash bag it is where the trash bag was located at the time it was seized. 
  • Wasn't there a movie where the cops got the trash pick-up folks to take the trash bag on a regular pickup and then hand it over to them just to be safe? Dirty Harry? (And, no, the cops can't use non-cops to do what they can't legally do - but under those facts they didn't have to anyway)
  • Wise County law enforcement has searched garbage bags left for pickup. (Legally in the cases I've seen.) 
  • George W. Bush appeared at an elementary school yesterday in Dallas which is named after him. Is there a chance that was his first official appearance at an elementary school since the moment of 9/11?
  • I can't stand lines but don't mind waiting. Lined up for an iPhone 7 this morning? I'm out. Tell me the iPhone will be delivered in two months otherwise? Fine.  Fifteen minute line to a restaurant I like? I'm out. Tell me we can come back in two weeks and get right in? Fine.
  • A kid took a gun to Arlington's Sam Houston High School yesterday. That's bad enough but am I right to cock an eyebrow at the fact that a bullet was already in the chamber?
  • Jimmy Fallon got to mess up Trump's hair:
  • There was a big house fire last night in Westover Hills.  Notes: (1) Westover Hills is the most high tone area in Fort Worth but you never, ever hear about it. (2) The home is owned by Brad Corbett Jr. -- son of the former Rangers owner. (3)  Oddly, that was the second time in 24 hours that the fire department had been called out. The first time was just a small fire. 
  • The Arochi trial got caught up in DNA yesterday. The DA's office wanted to have their local law enforcement expert testify the DNA was from blood but the judge basically gave him the "like anyone could even know that" and wouldn't allow it.  (Independent labs won't go so far as to call it DNA from blood.)
  • My gut reaction about that trial so far is that he might have kidnapped her, but I'm not even comfortable saying he "probably" did it. And I'm a million miles from believing it beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • Random old news I learned yesterday: Johnny Cash's old Tennessee house was bought by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees many years ago and then the whole thing burned down. 
  • Per the Update, there was a high speed chase from Wise County into Tarrant County last night until the "car struck a tree on U.S. 81/287 near Loop 820 in Fort Worth."  There are trees amongst all that construction?