Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Once the details come out about the murder of University Park fire captain while in Royce City, it will be a Lifetime movie.  Guy was shot in the head. Wife calls it in. She gets arrested for "conspiracy" to commit murder. Another guy is picked up on the murder charge. 
  • I think I would like a job of the person(s) being in charge of Hillary's PR yesterday. Trying to decide where to take her and whether to have her walk out (and what to say) two hours later would have been the result of some intense conversations. 
  • I don't know what to think about her pneumonia diagnosis but I was surprised by the number of conspiracy theories that popped up yesterday. 
  • The WBAP boys were discussing who the vice-presidential pick will be of Hillary's replacement on the Democratic ticket. Yes. They did.  Hal Jay even said that was, "A good question."
  • As I continue my WBAP dog-pile (with only listening to five minutes this morning), they also reported they had a "different angle" of the Hillary collapse, and Hal Jay immediately inquired "Upskirt?"  (I am not making that up.)
  • Cowboys: Terrance Williams says he knew to go out of bounds yesterday. I don't believe that. I bet he is too embarrassed to admit that he didn't know the clock would continue to roll. (But, you know, under college rules the clock will stop briefly after a first down.)
  • That so oft mentioned sun, coming in from the west into Cowboys Stadium, met Jason Witten yesterday. 
  • Jerry's reaction as time ran out:
  • SMU pants:
  • I had to find the particular size bolt to fit into the back of a TV (for a TV mount) this weekend. I just had it narrowed down to 1/4", 3/16", #12 or #10 when I learned of 5M and 6M.  That project took 100 times longer than it should have. (I've got some extra bolts if you guys need any.)