Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Posted because that's Dallas in the background.

  • The Desoto volleyball team took a knee during the National Anthem. 
  • It's interesting that some say the taking of a knee shows disrespect to the military. Those protests aren't related to the military. And do some people "see" only the military when they look at the flag?  Maybe so. I guess your reaction to the protests (and why you protest) might be directly related to what you "see" in the flag.
  • The Chancellor of UT used a theme of "what you should see" in the flag in a fantastic memo a couple of weeks back where he encouraged all at UT to stand during the anthem.
  • I ended up watching CNN most of last night which was airing live shots of the Charlotte protests. Man, they have lots of cops and lots of riot gear. And, yes, a ton of people actin' a fool.
  • Rioters attempted to break into the NASCAR Hall of Fame but were unsuccessful. Thank goodness. Otherwise we would have a modern day Fort Sumter on our hands.
  • This artistic photo from the night before:
  • Last year, Fort Worth's Sid Bass "shelled out up to $125 million in what many financial observers label a straightforward loan" to Blue Bell in order to save it from a recall crisis. I wonder how he's doing?

  • The brother of Jonbenet Ramsey plans to sue CBS after a show involving a panel of experts "concluded" that the brother was the most likely killer. I'm no defamation expert, but that sounds like opinion which is generally protected speech. 
  • "A two-vehicle accident sent a car careening into a wall outside the Bridgeport Public Library Wednesday morning." Where's Trump when you need him?
  • There was some blurb in the news about Trump supporting New York's "stop and frisk" policy and would want to expand it nation wide. I've never understood that policy and I'm guessing no one else does either. Everyone in law enforcement knows (or should know) what the controlling constitutional rules are in that arena.  No law -- from city ordinance to congressional statute -- can change them.
  • My Arochi trial prediction was pretty good if I do say so myself. A guilty verdict but only after many, many hours. That's consistent with an original 90% vote to convict with 1 or 2 jurors struggling very hard with reasonable doubt.
  • Anthony Weiner was busted for sexting an alleged underage girl. Last night on CNN, Jeffrey Toobin said it was a crime only if the girl was, in fact, under age. Not so in Texas. If the other person represents themselves to be underage, even if that's a lie, you can get in trouble. Even if it's an undercover sting operation. (Criminal legal folks: The Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday agreed to hear a case attacking the constitutionality of the Texas statute.)
  • I'd like to know more about the "North Texas Giving Day" as in what-is-the-administrative-cost-of-this-deal.