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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

I'm guess Bacon will like this.

  • I've already dropped and smashed a bottle of salsa in the parking lot. How's your morning?
  • It's easy to forget that Colin Kaepernick's protest occurred before the Tulsa and Charlotte incidents.
  • There is no reason the authorities in Charlotte should not release the video -- which they are refusing to do.  And if they say it could "jeopardize" any investigation, they are lying. 
  • There were far less officers in riot gear last night in Charlotte and the protests were calmer. I think that tactic works. It's just unnecessarily ramping up the tension when police show like an army out of 300
  • I still remember that well over a decade ago I went down to the Sixth Floor area on the anniversary of the JFK assassination. (Slow day for me.) Anyway, there were a ton of conspiracy nuts down there out of a total crowd of 300 to 400. Cops then showed up and suddenly started unloading riot gear. A supervisor walked up to the cops and asked, "What the heck are you doing?" And the riot gear was backed back up. No problems ensued. 
  • Extreme random thought: How much do one of those riot gear shields cost? (And what a great job to be a shield salesman. "Now, Chief, if you're in a riot and want the top of the line -- I mean top of the line -- shield, the NCC-1701 Deflector Shield is the best on the market. But I guess who wouldn't want the best if they found themselves in a riot. Am-I-right?")
  • The Taco Bell in Decatur is being renovated. How do chains handle the employees when they do this? Simply tell the workers they won't be paid for two months -which I think would cause almost all them to not come back? Or do they get paid something in hopes of having them return?
  • I didn't initially see this photo of Charles Dean Bryant being arrested by UNT police after the body of the Vandagriff girl was found. But the arrest was for a protective order violation in an unrelated case.

  • Hey, here's a tweet from KVIL asking you to predict the winner of the Bridgeport/Decatur game. (It's a bad omen that they misspelled Bridgeport.)
  • Really odd deaths in Wise County yesterday when we had two people in two different single car wrecks. Both just simply left the roadway. One happened in the afternoon and the other in the evening.