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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Peyton Manning's retirement speech was perfect until he ended it with "and God bless football."
  • I'm not sure I knew there was a Cool, Texas. The 7th Grader in The House thought that was the greatest name ever. I may form a town named "Smooth" or "Chill".
  • Remember yesterday when I said there would be flooding in Bridgeport and Paradise? This is from the Update this morning:  "The flooding seemed especially bad in the Paradise and Bridgeport areas where numerous water rescues were reported where cars became flooded in high water, and the drivers often had to wait for rescue on the roof." I am a weather expert. Edit: I screwed this quote up it was from yesterday. I'm still an expert, but I made a huge mistake. 
  • And The Star-Telegram says Lake Bridgeport was closed due to "high water". My weather prediction yesterday that it would peak over the Runaway Bay bridge might come true. 
  • Shout out to Boyd PD who gave me a call yesterday after I criticized their video software. I admitted that it was more of a frustration on my end because I had to download some Codec (which I have no idea what it is) to get it run. But the funniest line of the week came from the sergeant after I told him that: "What are you running? Windows 95?"
  • I had forgotten that the shooting in the Southlake town square a couple of years back involved a victim who was an attorney who had allegedly represented the cartel. The case has expanded
  • Random airline I had forgotten: Braniff.
  • "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott forms task force on college affordability, workforce development."  When ever I see the words "task force" I see the words "time waste".
  • I bought sunglasses online yesterday from some company named "Costa". They were glasses perfect for fishing and, after catching one fish so far this year, I'm now a bonafide angler. But when I went to a Dallas Morning News article online this morning there was a Costa ad on the side. That is not by coincidence.
  • This is bizarre: Kyle Odom, the man suspected of shooting Tim Remington after the pastor spoke at a Ted Cruz rally, has been arrested in Washington DC after he  “threw unknown material over the south fence line at the White House complex”.
  • 72 hour rain total for Decatur: 4.72"
  • President Obama will not be at Nancy Reagan's funeral. He will be at South by Southwest in Austin. Bro down. 
  • My dream of "I'm in school but haven't been attending a class and I'm worried" have come back. And they are more intense. 
  • There was someone on the Wise County felony docket this week who had the last name of Compton. As in, straight out of. Made me laugh.
  • I don't think there are more wrecks by any company other than by Fed Ex. There's a new one this morning. Pic. But, hey, I need my sunglasses!!!! Step on the gas and get on it!
  • I'm still laughing. I saw one Wise County male employee walk in on another male Wise County employee in the bathroom (a friend), scream "Good lord", slam the door, and then walk away saying, "I've never seen anything so small". I've always said the third floor could be a sit-com.