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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, I've been up all night in the Liberally Lean Mega Storm Super Center Laboratory studying charts, radars and data that most of you wouldn't understand. I predict more flooding in Bridgeport. I predict more flooding in Paradise. And (drum roll, please) I also predict Lake Bridgeport flooding which will cause the Runaway Bay bridge over the lake to go under water. 
  • I ate at Rudy's BBQ for the first time. It was good, and I'm a huge fan of the table side BBQ sauce. The only downside was that I had to listen to some bro-country music.
  • Dear Boyd PD: That L3 Communications video recording software. "Flashback" they sold you is the biggest piece of junk I've seen in all my years of reviewing police videos.
  • My head exploded when I learned that the verdict in the Erin "You Saw Me Naked!" Andrews case was $55 million. Idiocracy continues to arrive. There are two issues here. First, is the hotel liable at all? No! They simply granted a request of a guy for a specific room. The second is the amount of damages. That is, how harmed was she? If you are a young neurosurgeon who was paralyzed and will also be in constant pain due to someone who was grossly negligent, that might be fair. But for that amount of money to be awarded to someone who was (possibly) humiliated is a joke. Who out there wouldn't take "only" $1 million to be videotaped naked without theirconsent? And I will concede that I'm in the minority on issue number two. Mrs. LL thinks I'm out of my mind. 
  • But here is the question of the day: What is your price if someone videoed you naked without your consent? Mine is around $50. I'd go down to $25 if I was caught flexing my muscles and sucking in my gut. 
  • There were two lightning strikes near Decatur yesterday around 11:45 which were about as loud as I have ever heard.
  • Paradise received almost 4" of rain yesterday? That's insane and was not predicted. 
  • Shout out to the one reader who is a Dennis Prager fan: Yesterday he said, (1) Fracking was wonderful and pointed out that its "founder" had died in a car accident and then said "rest in peace"  -- he declined to mention the guy had been indicted the day before and probably committed suicide. (2) Later he actually asked if Iraq  is considered to be in the Middle East. (I'm not making that up.)  (3) And earlier he pronounced Mark Cuban's name as "KEWbawn".   And I get all this by listening to him about 30 minutes every month.
  • 60 Minutes had a segment last week where they interviewed Texas death row inmates. I'll say it for the millionth time: In 50 years the public will look back in horror that the government was allowed to kill people.
  • Fox 4 fill-in traffic guy Todd Carruth is a faithful reader. Mrs. LL saw him this morning and thought he looked like Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element. She even created a side by side photo.
  • I always forget the name of the tree that blooms white every March. This year, unlike the past, has been beyond beautiful.
  • I had a fantastic conversation yesterday with one of Fort Worth's most prominent and nicest lawyer there is. He told me things relevant to Wise County that even I didn't know.
  • There is a bird that chirps outside every morning and it sounds exactly like "skeet skeet (pause) skeet skeet" which then causes me to have Get Low stuck in my head.