The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm going to need signatures on a petition to get me on the ballot for District Attorney in the fall. I'll be posting a link later today on how it works. #MakeTheDistrictGreatAgain #INeedATruckCap #Fabulous #Luxurious #I'llBuildAWallOnMontagueBorder #TheyWillPayForIt
  • "Rainy Days and Mondays [Through Saturdays] Always Get Me Down"
  • Dr. Ben Carson is going to endorse Donald Trump? You still want him as your brain surgeon?
  • I went up to the courthouse yesterday to retrieve my umbrella and ended up in a 30 minute discussion on socialism.  I got drawn out of my three point stance. I'm neither for or against it but I love talking about it. I told one of the courthouse workers that I bust my butt working but I suspect she busts her butt more, yet I got to go to Hawaii last year and she could not. How is that fair? It was the Socratic Method of fueling the discussion and it was fantastic.
  • Monroe, Louisiana has receive 20.97" of rain. Somebody needs to check on those Duck Dynasty boys. 
  • Star-Telegram headline: "Controversial African Elephants Land At Alliance Airport". Controversial? They part of the Black Panther Party or something?
  • Crazy discussion yesterday with someone: If you were under indictment and facing prison and you wanted to flee, could you get away with it? The first thing on the other person's list of things to do: Plastic surgery. 
  • Email I received yesterday: "Ok here is a tip that sounds gay, but is not gay.  If you are interested in kayak fishing, search kayak fishing on Pinterest.  They have a ton of cool stuff and modifications that folks have made to trick up their kayaks."
  • I'm totally concur with BagOfNothing's comment about Anna Kendrick. She jazzes me to no end.
  • Note to local and national news sites: If you have a link to a story that has a story but also has a video that automatically plays, I'm out. 
  • I had someone pass me and almost hit me in a school parking lot for the opportunity to sit and wait one car spot in front of me for two minutes until the doors opened. I so wanted to go off of him/her for being a moron. And that's why I don't need a CHL.