The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump says a woman needs to be punished for having a (legal) abortion. Cruz won't deny having an affair. This is going very well for the GOP.
  • I actually listened to the oral argument in Lawrence v. Texas after hearing for years that the Harris County DA, who decided he could handle it, got beat up. Man, he did get crushed. 
  • I looked out the window yesterday and saw 19 ducks on the shore. 19!
  • Mark Cuban wants a new arena. He might want to focus on drafting someone for once in his life.
  • Yesterday up at the courthouse I told a lady (and friend) who is in the latest stage of her pregnancy that if an emergency would happen, I would deliver the baby. The guys in the room said, (1) No way. We are heading for the exits, and (2) "Barry, you have lost your mind."
  • I almost want to go to the big WWE event this week at Jerry World just to see the crowd.
  • I cannot tell you the number of times I have a conversation with someone who blurts out, "You cannot write about this!"
  • Someone told me the other day that the older you get the less you care about professional sports. That's true.
  • "Asset forfeiture surpass burglaries". That means the government takes more of your property than crooks do.
  • Texas Monthly: "Scrutinizing district attorneys is a necessary part of improving the criminal justice system."