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Random Tuesday Morning Thought

  • There is a commercial on Fox News for a pillow which is "Certified by the National Pillow Foundation". What organization is that? And then the "owner" shows up and says, "Thank you for supporting me for 10 years."  I could start a company tomorrow and look at you all and say, "Thank you for supporting me for 10 years" which actually would refer to reading the blog which would have nothing to do with my new company. I've said it before: Fox News advertisers take advantage of the elderly.
  • And I cannot begin to describe the ad of Charlie Daniels for the NRA. It is the equivalent of "A Revolution Is Coming."
  • I'm stunned that the standard movie theater even exists anymore. 
  • When a company runs an ad that says, "We won't recommend any work unless you need it" makes me beyond more than skeptical. That makes you a smart advertiser but not necessarily honest.
  • Oh, no! The Fat Cat is down to 17 pounds! And apparently carries a purse. (The kids named her "Ponder" because she was found in a pond.)
  • There was a shooter at the U.S. Capitol yesterday who yelled that he was a "Prophet of God!" How much different than that than yelling, "Allahu Akbar!"?
  • TCU's Gary Patterson will have a statue unveiled this weekend. The guy drives me crazy but he deserves one for what he has done for TCU. I just think that you wait until someone retires before putting it up. 
  • It is almost April. The Montague County DA has still not released any records regarding the dog killing case and the McLennan County DA in Waco has not obtained a single plea or conviction in any of the biker cases. 
  • I always see a cop car under a hill to catch speeders. Wouldn't the better thing to do is to be on top of the hill to remind everyone to simply slow down because they are watching you? What's the better policy?
  • The concept that police have anything to do with the crime rate is dumb. They respond, normally responsibly and professionally, but that has nothing to do with prevention