The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Subway built more than a decade long ad campaign around Jared.  The news this morning is now blowing up after a report that the feds raided his house in a child porn investigation.  If it is true, it's awful. If he's not guilty, this is the way reputations are destroyed.
  • The love interest in Can't Buy Me Love has died at the age of 43.  That movie was released in 1987. 
  • A Boyd man has been convicted of murder in Pennsylvania in connection with "a steel company worker’s 1968 death."
  • The illegal immigration warriors have themselves a poster boy in the guy who shot the young lady in San Francisco. Multiple felonies. Multiple deportations. In liberal San Francisco. Random murder. Tourist location. (I was going to write "Is this a Fox News False Flag?" but I'm afraid some of you nutcases would think I was serious.) 
  • The Rescued Dog In The House has crazy panic attacks at the sounds of fireworks. No barking, but the panting becomes crazy and she shakes violently. I finally tried wrapping her up in a blanket next to me and that seemed to help. There are some crazy "thunder jackets" out there for pets that do the same thing, and I've actually heard some good things about them. 
  • I can't help but watch Joel Olsteen when he's on because I love waiting for the equivalent of, "Maybe your marriage is in trouble or your job seems shaky or a dead end. Maybe you have a teenager that you fear is headed down the wrong path.  Maybe a good friend has wronged you recently."  He does it every time. And the camera will invariably cut to an audience member nodding his/her head as if to say, "He's talking to me." Heck, if you can't related to any of that I want to know your secret. 
  • Just watched the Florida State quarterback punching the girl in the bar. Oh, my. Will post in a second.