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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There are  about ten ducks that had been hanging out in the same place in a creek not far from my house for the past month. I got up early yesterday and took some bread to see if I could feed them. Sadly, there was only just one there. Happily, it walked about 30 yards right up to me. I'm guessing I'm not the first one to feed him.
  • Now there's news that the Denton County DA's office also keeps a list of police officers of questionable credibility.  Here's a question: What if there isn't a list but a prosecutor knows an officer involved in a case has lied before under oath? He has the same obligation to disclose that, right? There is no reason why that doesn't have to be disclosed simply because it hasn't been written down on paper.
  • Hot Opinion: Fireworks are the most overrated thing in the history of ever.
  • Whatever happened to Wimbledon always ending on the 4th of July? Or am I just dreaming that? It's still going on. 
  • Think about everyone you know who is a government employee. And if you live in the metroplex and they are employed by the county or the city, you can find out how much they make with this new database.  (Tarrant County has an assistant DA who makes $190,870.42?) If you are looking for Wise County data, we have been shunned.
  • A same-sex couple of 27 years who happen to be cowboys are suing  Hood County clerk Katie Lang for refusing to issue marriage license. Great picture of the confrontation.
  • Hypothetically, I had a Faithful Reader place a $100 bet to win $140 for me in Vegas this weekend on the total number of wins by TCU. The line is 10. I took the under.  They play 12. (Hey, they don't include bowl games do they? Probably should have thought of that.)
  • I'm not sure what the Soon To Be Seventh Grader In The House is doing with "service bell" (she says it has something to do with band), but all I could think about was how I'm going to use it to turn into Breaking Bad's Hector "Tio" Salamanca
  • You get that excited over women's soccer?: . . .