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Random Thursday ... . Uh . . . Past Post Generator? Yep, It's My Vacation Time

I've tried to create a random post generator which you should see over to the right. Man, some of those are gold. Some are awful. And a lot of the formatting has been lost to the ages.

I think it will grab old posts which number over 1600. (Sheesh). The formatting in the old ones are gone. But it's funny to reflect and see the old comments.

I'll update later.

Comment review will be very delayed.


Katy Anders said...

That's pretty cool. I need to add it to my page. I spend a lot of time writing those things, and after the first week, they get buried and never read again.

Anonymous said...

You have to write about DMN story where Bush charged $100,00.00 to speak at a charity for wounded war veterans.
Not a mistake. Laura got 50,000.00 for same thing the year before.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is 10 years since your first blog post.

Anonymous said...

I can't take it BG! I have to know what Wordkyle is thinking today!


Anonymous said...

Who gives a rats ass!

Anonymous said...

A cowboy from Texas has been eliminated from contention at the 2015 Calgary Stampede following an incident during Wednesday afternoon’s rodeo action.
Tuff Cooper is a meanie. He beat a horse with a rope and they kicked his sorry ass out of the rodeo.

Bear said...


You probably see nothing wrong with Hillary or Bill taking $500,000+ donations from foreign governments for 30 minute speeches, though.