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Abbreviated Random Friday Morning Thoughts

. . . Because I'm mostly off the grid.  No girl. No front page. No links. Google is your friend.

  • Decatur's Tuf Cooper disqualified for mistreatment of a horse? Strange Canada standard especially when you consider the end result in calf roping from the calf's perspective.
  • A scandal in the Tarrant County DA's office.
  • This is the official tenth year anniversary of Liberally Lean?
  • Enterprise car rental gave me the greatest/easiest car rental experience today. Kiosks!
  • Finally read the two part series on Silk Road online at Wired. Beyond fantastic. It is soon to be a book and would make a movie which would seem unbelievable if not true.
  • A ten foot gator in the Trinity River?  If the bodies weren't enough to scare you off . . . .
  • A cop is the grand jury foreman in the Waco Twin Hills Biker cases?


Anonymous said...

Are you afraid the cop jury foreman is going to shoot all the jurors?

Anonymous said...

Here are the topics. Talk amongst yourselves.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Congrats on ten years of mostly fine ladies as your RTG's.
My meat barrel has never been cleaner.

Anonymous said...

"A cop is the grand jury foreman in the Waco Twin Hills Biker cases?"

I found the story in the DMN. This part was curious:

" District Judge Ralph Strother on Wednesday chose veteran policeman James Head to serve as foreman of the randomly selected 12-member panel that will meet for the next three months.

When asked if he had any involvement in the investigation, Head told the newspaper, "Not really."

Anonymous said...

Dang, I feel like a pervert when I have to go search google for pictures of hot chicks on my own.

Anonymous said...

Even more people resigned today at the Tarrant County DA's Office on top of three from last week.

Anonymous said...

It's twin peaks not twin hills you dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Lady game warden dragging that alligator? Dang, she was as big as the other two put together!!