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Abbreviated Random Friday Morning Thoughts

. . . Because I'm mostly off the grid.  No girl. No front page. No links. Google is your friend.

  • Decatur's Tuf Cooper disqualified for mistreatment of a horse? Strange Canada standard especially when you consider the end result in calf roping from the calf's perspective.
  • A scandal in the Tarrant County DA's office.
  • This is the official tenth year anniversary of Liberally Lean?
  • Enterprise car rental gave me the greatest/easiest car rental experience today. Kiosks!
  • Finally read the two part series on Silk Road online at Wired. Beyond fantastic. It is soon to be a book and would make a movie which would seem unbelievable if not true.
  • A ten foot gator in the Trinity River?  If the bodies weren't enough to scare you off . . . .
  • A cop is the grand jury foreman in the Waco Twin Hills Biker cases?