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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Saw in the Update that Wise County has had one same sex marriage license issued. 
  • Wise County's Walmart made Fox 4 News last night with an incident of "improper photography".   (And a personal trainer at JRobs got a big interview.)
  • The Improper Photography law was struck down a year ago since it was so poorly written, but the legislature passed another one this summer to try to fix its flaws. Most media reports were telling me it was already in effect which caused me to yell at the screen because new laws take effect on September 1st. (Then I looked it up and found out Senate Bill 1317 was a rarity and became effective on June 18, 2015 when the governor signed it.) 
  • So let me back off some of my past criticism of Gov. Abbott for "signing" bills in public when they all take effect so long as he doesn't veto them. There are a few laws, like the new Improper Photography law, which take effect immediately upon his signing. If he didn't sign them, they would take effect on September 1, but at least the signing has some purpose.
  • And while Fox 4 was in Decatur, the Whataburger got some press as it was used in the background for a story on how they will not allow open carry. (That chain won't be the only one to ban open carry, right?) 
  • I think that slow moving storm that drenched Abilene might have parked over the Lake Bridgeport watershed last night. 
  • The City of Aurora has a public service message about your junk flying out of your pickup on 114. (And, man, I love the alien on their Facebook page banner.)
  • There are reports that the gun used in the killing of the San Fransisco woman by an illegal immigrant "belonged to" a federal agent.  (The Fast and Furious crowd got incredibly interested until they learned it had been taken in a simple burglary.) 
  • Weird: The Tarrant County District Clerk's Office has stopped issuing passports because of an "investigation into a 'possible infraction' is completed by the U.S. State Department." (Side note: Wise County voluntarily got out of the passport business about 10 years ago.)