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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well we have another act of mass violence . . . once again by a government employee who is a U.S. citizen.
  • Just because the California murderers have Middle Eastern names, Fox News seemed to big over backwards yesterday trying to speculate that is was ISIS related. 
  • And why does Fox employee Mark Fuhrman as a crime expert? He is the most famous incompetent detective in U.S. history.
  • The point is, we don't know what motivated the California Killers.  Fox and Friends had a former FBI guy on today who said he would "rule out" simple "work place violence" because, in part, "how many people have AR-15s?" Heck, I know three people with AR-15s who are as conservative as the day is long.
  • SBPD Chief Jarrod Burguan gave a press conference around midnight. He's smart. He's no fool. I was impressed.
  • I went to a funeral yesterday where Acts 20 was discussed (it was pretty funny - the son of the deceased mom had used it to instruct the person conducting the service to "keep it short"). But, as much as I know about the Bible, I'm not sure I had heard of Paul raising someone from the dead. Is that the way that most people interpret that passage?
  • 660 Answer's Mark Davis' support of Donald Trump and his belief that Trump could beat Hillary is disturbing. And credit for Fox 4's Tim Ryan confronting him this morning on TV by asking, "You want someone with no self control to be the Commander and Chief?" (And then I turned on the radio and heard Davis emphatically refer to the California shootings as "Global Jihah".)  Good lord, man. 
  • "Reports: Internet-famous ‘adorable drug kingpin’ [based upon book in photo] busted in College Station is daughter of DEA agent".  My head exploded once again. 
  • If you watch any of the business channels, you'll see from time to time Chris Faulkner who is a big fan of fracking and the president of Breitling Energy. I've always been suspicious of that guy especially because he has owned at least one failed business and comes across, to me, as a snake oil salesman. I checked Breitling's stock price.  It has gone from $15.00 a share in 2011 to yesterday's sensational price of 5.4 cents a share.
  • Man, this newspaper cover is full throttle . . .