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They prayed for people to be shot?


Anonymous said...

What a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If God didn't want this stuff to happen, then it wouldn't. I don't think very many people understand what "prayers" are anymore. I think it's morphed into "hey...thinking about you". Asking God to step in and get involved means you believe totally in God, and that God does that. Gets involved in the littlest details of human existence. Then, how could you not believe that God must also be in a position to stop these things from happening, and just decides not to...or's what God wants to happen. All the pain. All the suffering...and by little kids and babies sometimes that have no clue why it hurts so bad or why they had to watch mommy burn up under a car, or whatever. But hey let's all go to church and praise God I guess.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for whatever turned your life into this hell. I pray that you will find peace in your life, and be able to open your mind to salvation.

Very sad that you do not understand Christians relationship to God, and how prayer works.

Bear said...

Most of the dumbass commentors on here do not have a clue as to how prayer works.

Katy Anders said...

He deleted it, saying, "I have removed the tweet so others cannot misrepresent it in the same way."