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Police State 2.1

I'm reviewing a DVD in one of the cases I'm working on.

I can't believe what I just saw! A trooper training another trooper told him to go get an arrest warrant for a driver and fill it out a portion of it with with "blah, blah. blah, blah."

(Then again, maybe I should have expected to see it.)

By the way, can you make my job any easier than this? And can you make an honest prosecutor's job any harder? By the way, this was an allegation of a misdemeanor: Lying to a police officer!

(Note to prosecutor: It's around 14:31 of the video)

Edit: And runner up for the day is another video where the officer reads the DIC-24 in a DWI and changes his voice when he reads the part of "your license will be suspended" and then ends it with that he is "requesting a simple breath test." (He had already told him that he would take his blood if he wanted to.)  Good lord. Who is training these people in Austin?

Edit: I'm on my fourth video of the day. A veteran trooper calmly and politely tells the guy, "This is not a game show" when he is asking if he will submit to field sobriety tests. You, sir, are a genius. And I mean that. Maybe the best trooper I've ever seen in Wise County.