Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure I've ever been so sick as I have been over the last week and half, yet I have no fever. And I'm still barely able to type all this out. 
  • I post ELO's Mr. Blue Sky and then I'm not sure we've seen the sun since then. 
  • But I did wake up to the song, "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way."
  • I mentioned a few days back about the hippie contractor who came over to redo the floors. What first got my attention was how he talked so fondly about Baja Mexico with such incredible delight. He then talked about how he had been to the same small village in Costa Rica that he had been to that Mrs. LL and I went to a few years back. When we were down there, a guy told me about the book Searching For Captain Zero -- it's about a guy who went looking for a buddy who was hooked on meth. Do you know what weird route the author of that book and my contractor took to get to Costa Rica? The Baja.
  • I also spent time during my illness reading Michael Morton's book about his false imprisonment, Getting Life, due to a prosecutor who withheld evidence. 
  • Sports: (1) TCU beat Baylor fair and square. Baylor was down to its third team QB but TCU's QB was playing on on leg, (2) Remember before the season I predicted that an Oklahoma team would win the Big 12? Boom. (3) Every time a network puts "rules official" Mike Pereira on the air to predict how and official review will end he is wrong, (4) Nothing was more scored earth than LSU's Les Miles when he went after the school's president and AD after they threatened to fire him but the public backlash  was so great they backed down. He said he wanted to talk to some people in a "back alley", (5) The movie Concussion which has the NFL in its cross-hairs looks great. 
  • Do you guys realize that our Texas Governor is meeting with Cuban Communists!! Communists!
  • Fed Ex and Amazon need to merge. 
  • Pastor Keith Craft, in my opinion, looks like he is on steroids.