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Things Just Got Real

And the Pro-Life crowd can blame David Dewhurst for all of this because he was a political idiot. The legislation was passed based upon the premise of "women's health". That was a genius strategy. A court may, and still may, uphold the restrictive law on that basis. But after the bill finally passed,  Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst mocked the Pro Choice crowd with the tweet below. What he didn't understand was that he was telling everyone that the real agenda behind the legislation was to ban all abortion in Texas.

This was all part of the Wendy Davis night when she made a political power play that I blogged about. She eventually ended up running for a new political office -- but not against Dewhurst.

Yet Dewhurst was then defeated in the next election by crazy Dan Patrick. Dewhurst never saw it coming.

You have to be politically smart. (Speaking of, whatever happened to the "Stay classy, counselor" guy who used to show up in the comments?)

But what do I know?