Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let me brag: The Seventh Grader in The House got called to fill in for a 16-and-over softball game at the last second last night. The team needed a body. She went 2 for 2. Maybe the greatest moment was when she went up to bat for the first time and I just told her, to "Relax. Just do what you do." First pitch. Base hit. Boom.  I told the guy beside me, "That's the Seventh Grader in The House" (Maybe I was delirious with pride.) 
  • The next girl up was the lead off hitter and looked like she could crush it as she took some practice swings. I told the guy beside me, uh, "She looks like she could crush it." His reply was, "Well, sometimes." He smiled and said, "That's my 10 Grader." (If only he had said, "That's my 10 Grader In The House.)
  • Donald Trump wants us to boycott Starbucks because their Christmas cups aren't Christmasy enough? Idiocracy is headed right towards us at warp speed.
  • I was in a hotel during one of my football trips and a guest walks by the front desk with a dog. I asked what the dog policy was, and he told me it was a "service dog" so  the guy can't be charged an extra "pet fee." I asked him how do they verify it is a service dog and he said that they were not allowed to ask. 
  • "A police officer who has been with the department for more than 10 years was arrested near the Stockyards Sunday night on suspicion of driving his motorcycle while intoxicated, according to a news release on Monday." But he was on a new Harley. 
  • This story is newsworthy because of the book in photo and because he was accused of making a Molotov cocktail. (And can I say that "Molotov cocktail" is the coolest name for a weapon in the history of ever?)
  • The Dallas Public Defender's Office  has a closet full of clothes to use for defendants who go to trial. It's used for those who are in jail and there is no one, friends or family, who care enough about them to bring them and clothes for trial. How sad it that? (Side note: I always tell my clients, wear what you are comfortable in. If you never wear a suit, don't show up in a suit.)
  • How insane is this at the University Missouri? The students (and football team) demand the resignation of the President and the Chancellor due to racial tensions and they actually resign. Talk about a power play.