The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that at dawn there was still a visible full moon in west and clouds in the east that had the orange "under belly". 
  • I finally watched the police officer "launching" that kid in school. Good grief.
  • The general thought is if I ran for political office that I might not succeed. Then again, I've never been a guy who had a job paid for by the Wise County taxpayer, decided to run for judge in Tarrant County, spend $109,450.06 in a campaign, and then finish third in the Republican primary with 13.8% of the vote. Heck, what do I know about politics? What have I ever won? 
  • If I hear one more thing about Blue Bell on the news I will lose it. 
  • I've dogged radio guy Mark Davis to no end and then last week he earnestly celebrates Natalie Merchant's birthday with his return music. I had mentioned Merchant the other day and that I love her voice so much that I went to see her in the Bass Hall.
  • Craziest story ever?: There was a car explosion outside of a bank in Plano last night and police "believe [it was caused by] the person in the car was using an inhaler filled with nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as whippits.
  • I didn't watch a second of it but apparently Fox lost the video feed of World Series Game #1 last night. How is that possible in this technological day and time?
  • I get a weird feel from local radio and TV news people that they are fed up with their corporate bosses more than ever before. That would also explain the recent mass exodus of news people from their jobs and going into the PR business. 
  • Speaking of local news, my schedule has changed in the morning so now I get to watch more TV news. I'll say what I a few months back: Jenny Anchondo is pretty, pretty hot. 
  • Donald Trump is behind in the polls in the first race of the GOP in Iowa and tells a crowd in a different state, "What are [those Iowa voters] thinking?" He's either crazy or a political genius.